Branding Connections With Premier Inc.

Connect People With
Government-Funded Wireless

At Premier Inc., we promote a government-funded program dedicated to helping select markets meet their telecommunications needs. Our mission is to pinpoint communities and people who have been underserved in our increasingly wireless world.

The Details on Our
Outreach Program

The federally funded Lifeline Assistance program is backed by a Fortune 500 telecommunications brand, and provides free cell phones and minutes to those who qualify. Premier Inc. ensures that these vital, life-supporting tools are available to underserved individuals. Together we help families and communities thrive.

Premier Inc.’s Core Values


Our associates make Premier Inc. special. We recruit the sharpest minds. These individuals have a talent for understanding the complexities of todays’ technologies. Their ability to see around corners gives us a competitive edge.


There’s no such thing as status quo at Premier Inc. We continually encourage one another to raise the bar. Our culture supports originality and diversity. We embrace and inspire new ideas.


Premier Inc.’s executives understand how to connect with consumers and drive brand interest. We supply the energy that forms the foundation to building a sustainable customer base.


Our success is a product of the Premier Inc. people. We continually inspire and empower them to put forth amazing efforts to help brands realize their customer acquisition goals.

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