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Driven Leaders Fuel Our Ongoing Growth

Driven Leaders Fuel Our Ongoing Growth

As we continue pushing past our most ambitious growth goals, it’s a good time to reflect on the power of passionate leadership in the Premier Inc office. Our managers know that putting in the work is the only way to achieve lasting success. They not only push us to perform at our best; they also challenge themselves to keep improving every day. Our collaborative atmosphere is a big part of our success, as are the following key attributes our leaders put into action:

• Strategic Thinking: Our Premier Inc leaders can see the big picture and understand where every project fits into it. They have the vision to align smaller goals with long-term objectives, which makes it easier for us to stay motivated.

• Display Executive Presence: Confidence is the name of the game for successful leaders, and ours certainly live up to this maxim. By being calm under pressure, our managers set the tone for smooth sailing in even the most demanding times. If you see us as a self-assured team, it’s because our frontrunners consistently set the right example for us.

• Emotional Intelligence: The ability to relate to people with different backgrounds and viewpoints is essential for any successful leader. Luckily for us, our managers are strong communicators. They’re also, just as importantly, great listeners.

We’re fortunate to have passionate leaders guiding our success. To learn more about the winning culture we’ve created, follow Premier Inc on LinkedIn.