Max receives well-deserved recognition | Premier Inc
Max Earns the Company Spotlight

Max Earns the Company Spotlight

When our top performers earn the Premier Inc spotlight, we’re happy to showcase them. Max, one of our dedicated account managers, is the latest to receive this honor. A strong leader who’s really taking our field by storm, Max is a big reason why we’re confident our company will expand into a new territory by the end of the year.

Max boasts unmatched problem-solving skills and is a natural teacher to boot. His ability to coach others means he can shape our team’s success. Along with his mentoring efforts, Max leads by example around the Premier Inc office every day. He sets the pace for everyone, making sure his actions align with his individual goals and our firm’s larger objectives.

Another reason Max is such a strong leader is his knack for giving helpful feedback. He’s accountable to his own targets, but he’s just as committed to helping the rest of us with timely input. The atmosphere of trust we enjoy day in and day out is largely thanks to the way Max has made himself available to his teammates.

Of course, Max also brings a positive attitude to work every day. He doesn’t allow unexcepted outcomes to slow him down, which inspires us to take the same forward-looking mind-set.

We’re lucky to have Max setting a great example in our office. Like Premier Inc on Facebook for updates on all our standout performers.