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New Management, Ambitious Goals

New Management, Ambitious Goals

Premier Inc. is under new management, which means we have a slew of ambitious new goals as well. Albert, our firm’s President, explained that our revamped structure will provide clearer pathways to long-term success and an even more powerful training program. Our main objective is to expand into new regions and territories in the weeks and months to come.

We have also added an exciting name to our portfolio that will help us turn our aggressive expansion goals into thriving realities. This new addition is a growing company in the retail sector that provides lots of new opportunities for growth. Our leaders are being trained in this endeavor and preparing our entire team to make the most of it.

Our commitment to ongoing training is a big part of our success. We focus on turning every new addition to Team Premier Inc. into a confident leader through immersive education in all aspects of our operations. Each incoming brand advocate gets paired with an experienced top performer who provides uniquely insightful coaching.

Setting clear goals that challenge us to stretch beyond our current skill sets is a prime element of our company ethos. With our new management in place, we’re ready to push ourselves even further and exceed our loftiest expansion aims.

We’re more inspired than ever to achieve winning results for our national service partners. Follow Premier Inc. on Twitter for updates on our progress.