Premier Inc. on the Positives and Negatives of Stress

Premier Inc. on the Positives and Negatives of Stress

Stress can have a profound impact on our productivity, according to our associates at Premier Inc. While we often focus on how to overcome stressful situations, a little anxiety can be like a kick in the backside when it comes to accomplishing projects and tasks (and meeting deadlines).

Consider the reason you become stressed in the first place. It’s probably because you care. Our Premier Inc. experts ask, when was the last time you got your dander up over something that was unimportant to you? Being nervous or agitated can only mean that you care at some level. This translates to a greater likelihood that you’ll act.

When you’re anxious, you’re also more inspired to find a resolution quickly. In other words, our Premier Inc. professionals suggest that you’re less inclined to procrastinate. You want to overcome whatever issue and move the needle forward in order to alleviate your anxiety. You’re more alert to the problem and thus more inclined to be productive.

Of course, not all impacts of stress are positive. Irrational fears can manifest if you’re anxiety level is too high. This negatively impedes your productivity and can be paralyzing. If you find yourself headed in that direction, seek support so that you can re-channel your nervous energy without giving into damaging thoughts.

In the end, stress isn’t all bad if it’s well managed. In fact, it can allow you to savor the relaxed times even more.