Jorge in the spotlight | Premier Inc.
Recognizing Jorge’s Excellent Performance

Recognizing Jorge’s Excellent Performance

Putting our top performers in the Premier Inc. spotlight is one of our favorite things to do. Today, it’s Jorge, one of our account directors, who’s being recognized for his achievements. Ernesto, our firm’s Director of Operations, stated, “Jorge is on the fast track to his next promotion due to the dedication he brings to each day on the job.”

Before joining Team Premier Inc., Jorge practiced law in Mexico. He brings an analytical mind-set to his work as an account director, in which he manages the largest team in our office. Jorge holds meetings for the group every morning, helping us set clear goals and properly align our priorities.

Jorge regularly connects with other successful leaders to get tips on how to reach his objectives faster. He also learns about best practices and emerging techniques in our industry through his networking efforts. Ernesto commented, “Jorge is a natural leader, coaching our team members to make the most of their unique talents. We’re lucky to have him motivating everyone in our office.”

The effect Jorge has on our team hasn’t gone unnoticed by people on the outside. “He won a leadership award at our last conference,” the Director added. “I can confidently say that it won’t be the last award he takes home.”

Jorge is a great asset for Premier Inc. as we pursue our ambitious expansion goals. Follow us on Instagram to receive updates on his achievements.