Cancun retreat brings excitement | Premier Inc
Our Top Performers Are Cancun-Bound!

Our Top Performers Are Cancun-Bound!

Our annual R&R retreat is coming up soon, with our top Premier Inc producers heading to the sunny beaches of Cancun! Those who qualify for this trip have worked incredibly hard throughout 2019. Albert, our firm’s President, explained that excursions like our yearly retreat are ideal ways to reward those who set ambitious goals and push through obstacles to reach them.

Albert also noted that this year’s R&R event is going to be the biggest one yet. Leaders from all across the event-based marketing industry will be there, as well as national and international partners of all kinds. This means everyone who goes to Cancun will have great chances to expand their contact lists. The connections our top performers make at the retreat will pay off in a variety of ways. You can bet our attendees will be more than ready to discuss Premier Inc’s biggest successes as they meet other high achievers in Cancun.

One of the best parts of our team travel events is the fact that we can recharge and reflect together. Not only do we come back to the home office ready to set even higher benchmarks, we also feel more connected to our colleagues than ever before. We get to make the most of an exotic setting and get new inspiration for company goals at the same time.

We’re ready to make this trip one to remember. Follow Premier Inc on Instagram for content from the Cancun retreat and all our team excursions.