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Valuable Lessons From Networking Seminar

Valuable Lessons From Networking Seminar

Recently, a few select members of Team Premier Inc attended a quarterly networking seminar. They came back to our home office with a variety of helpful contacts and lessons for even more powerful connecting. Here are the main takeaways our team members took from this gathering of highly accomplished pros:

• Look for Unfamiliar Faces: Although it’s more comfortable to do so, it’s best to avoid gravitating toward people you already know at big events. It’s great to say hello, of course, but your longest conversations should push you out of your comfort zone a bit. This is the approach that continues to expand our Premier Inc contact lists in powerful ways.

• Listening Works Wonders: Rather than try to sell someone on anything, we prefer to let potential contacts do most of the talking. Asking open-ended questions and then really listening to the answers we get leads to genuine connections that last. The more we learn about others, the more common ground we’ll be able to build upon.

• Be Prepared: We always have business cards at the ready when we attend a big gathering. The same is true for pens and notebooks, because we want to record key points from every discussion before we forget.

We’ll be sure to take these concepts into all our future networking efforts. Follow Premier Inc on LinkedIn to get more of our best contact-adding advice.